Inside, Ruby 2
Sculpture 5.1

Inside, Ruby 2.


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Artist:Nicola Crabb

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Whilst working with artists within the Tamar Valley the devastating effects of the Chalara dieback disease was brought to the attention of glass artist Nicola Crabb. Also known as ‘Ash die-back’  this disease is a contagious fungus called Chalara fraxinea which begins inside the heart of the tree and eats its way through each layer of the bark until it reaches the surface. The ‘Inside’ collection is an artist reaction to the disease and its threat to our British woodland.
A collection which utilises the optical effects of thick glass, each sculpture is built up in layers of coloured and clear glass. The layers have been twisted together like fungus and cross sectioned to reveal the inside of each ring. Look deeply into any piece of the ‘Inside’ collection and you will find they each hold their own ‘heart’, a representation of how precious the life of our woodland is.


Additional Information

Dimensions 16 x 10 cm

Blown glass, a cut and polished sculpture.