Nina Young

Nina Young grew up in an artistic family and was immersed in the visual arts from an early age. She was first taught to paint by her grandfather; a painter from a long line of Italian artists. She was quite young, but despite this, worked with oil paint and learnt the basic principles of composition and painting.

“I remember loving the names of the paints we used; Prussian Blue, Rose Madder, Alizarin Crimson, Indian Yellow. Wonderful, exotic names that still delight me”

Nina’s parents encouraged her interest and ability, taking her to galleries and exhibitions. She grew up with a concept of Art as an important part of everyday life.

“My father was very knowledgeable about the development of painting and we often talked about artists and their work. In a perfectly natural, almost incidental way, I acquired a good grounding in Art History from him.”

As she grew up, Nina continued to paint and draw as her love of all aspects of the visual arts deepened. She attended life drawing classes at the local art college in her spare time, frequented art galleries and generally immersed herself in all aspects of the visual arts. As a consequence, her family always assumed she would earn her living as an artist and although surprised, they accepted her decision to train as a teacher instead.

Within her teaching career, Nina Young specialized in the visual arts. She worked for the Cornwall Education Advisory Service as an Advisory Teacher for Art and Design; as an Artist in Residence with the National Trust; an Adult Education Tutor for Conrwall and Devon, Adult Education Service as well as tutoring in numerous private art agencies such as Outlook and the Indian King Arts Centre. Nina also provided ‘In Service Education Training’ for teachers in many aspects of Art and Design for the Local Education Authorities in Devon and Cornwall. In 2010 she was trained as an Artsmark Assessor by the Arts Council of England.

Throughout this time, Nina continued to work as an artist, her painting incorporating increased elements of expressionism and ‘sense of place’. Along with painting Nina has a deep passion for decorative jewellery and textiles, creating art through varying mediums and purposes.

Her work has been exhibited extensively, particularly in the West Country, with exhibitions in the National Trust Galleries, Pencarrow House, The Indian King Arts Centre, Cry of the Gulls, Plough Arts Centre, Mid Cornwall Gallery and The Burton Museum and Art Gallery in Bideford.

In 2012 Nina decided to leave Education in order to concentrate fully on her artistic career.

She now works as a full time artist, living in North Cornwall with her husband Neil who is a sculptor.