Charley and Richard Marlow

Charley and Richard have always worked together as a creative team, combining their artistic skills and concepts to produce some beautiful work.

Charley and Richard met in Leicestershire where Charley was studying Contemporary Dance, once graduated she went on to work as a masseuse and dance teacher.  From here, she developed an in depth knowledge of the human form, the stretch, the weight and the movement that has informed much of her work.  This has enabled her to sculpt her work from the structure of the body and how it is formed from the inside out, as quoted, ‘its not just what you see, but how it feels’

Richard has worked in theatre for most of his career, firstly at  Leicester Haymarket Theatre, then as a freelance prop maker before taking up the position of Head of Props at the Theatre Royal Plymouth, which prompted their move to the south west.  As a prop maker, Richard was able to develop the specialist skills in mould making and casting which enabled him to to produce quality sculptures.

Richard and Charley now produce work at a relaxed pace of life, focusing on integrity and craftsmanship.