New Artwork from Clare Law – Pentillie in May

This beautiful painting was inspired by the Tamar River as it winds its way into the distance from the grounds of Pentillie Castle.

While joining Drawn to the Valley on a drawing day at Pentillie, Clare stood at the top of the Mausoleum looking out over a sea of bluebells.

The Mausoleum is one of fascinating history, Sir James Tillie, who built Pentillie Castle in 1698, left instructions in his will that he should not be buried, but that he should be dressed in his best clothes, bound to a stout chair and placed with his books, wine and pipe in his favourite folly to await resurrection. As far as the stories go, the faithful servants carried out these instructions,placing Sir James’ body in his folly on Mt Ararat on the Pentillie Estate. The servants continued to bring the deceased wine and food for two years until they could bear it no longer, had his remains interred and a marble statue built in his place.

Pentillie is definitely worth a visit on one of their open days or indeed to stay at their luxury boutique B&B. For more details:

Like all of Clare’s work, ‘Pentille in May’ is created using only a palette knife, each detail and layer of texture, colour and tone carefully applied. A true celebration of spring in Cornwall!