Why buy art online?

When deciding whether to buy a piece of artwork online, it is important to remember, that each artwork exhibited at Tamar Art Gallery, is a one off physical piece of artwork that has been loved and carefully created. Our artists care passionately about their work and how it is shown to the world.

Behind each piece there is an artist who has a story and an education whether on paper or life. Creativity within someone, as many of you will know is not a lifestyle choice but how a person is made. This energy, observation and skill is then transferred through to the chosen medium.

As reported last year from the BBC, the online art market has grown by 20% each year, it is becoming a popular way of having access to a wider range of art.

Here at TAG you are at your leisure to look, think and measure up in your own home, knowing that the artwork you are looking to buy has been lovingly created and is coming straight from the artist studio to your home with passion.